VanFest 2021

  VanFest 2021 Stephen Wade Auto Center was excited to be a part of VanFest 2021 !  We joined #VanLife aficionados on May 8th in Hurricane at the Washington County Legacy Park, where nomads and the adventurous at heart alike toured different kinds of van builds to get started with and mingle about life on the road. VanFest is a unique, one-of-a-kind festival that captures the spirit of adventure by being held all over the United States—the organizers appropriately traveling by van themselves.  Festival attendees can tour more than 100 fully customized van and school bus conversions and gain more ideas to augment or begin their "van life" with workshops from industry professionals.  Even those who are simply interested in the lifestyle and browsing builds can attend; St. George News even considers the event the "Parade of Homes" for van life.  Influencers are welcome to meet up, and all can partake in entertainment from a full live concert by The National Parks Ba

2021 Shoot4Cash Wrap-Up

  2021 Shoot4Cash Wrap-Up Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and, in this case, we mean Shoot4Cash.  Stephen Wade Auto Center had a fantastic time giving out cash to the clubs and organizations at our local high schools.   Here are some quick facts about this season: 5 Shoot4Cash Events Held 68 Participating/Engaging Clubs 15 Clubs Benefitting from Kicking for Cash $4,500  Awarded In Total Awarding $650 to DHS sports, clubs, and organizations We were happy that we were able to hold Shoot4Cash again this year.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there was a possibility that we might not have been able to have it return.  We knew that we still wanted to award money to the schools in our community in a fun way, but we were unsure how we would be able to do it this time since it was still uncertain how schools would follow health and safety guidelines for these events.  The Stephen Wade marketing team had even considered a different approach to Shoot4Cash, such as a virtual ev

42nd Annual St. George Art Festival

  42nd St. George Art Festival Stephen Wade Auto Center is a proud sponsor of the 42nd annual St. George Art Festival . We were pleased to see the Festival come back this year after being canceled last year due to the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite being unlike other years, the energy was indescribable; it was evident that many event-goers were excited to participate after the event's hiatus. The 42nd Festival was held during Easter weekend from April 2nd–3rd, from 10 am–6 pm in the Historic Town Square. Since its inception in 1980, the St. George Art Festival has been a venue for celebrating artists' craft from all over the United States. Typically over 30,000 residents and visitors from the West come to the prestigious event. Organizers selected 110 nationally known painters, potters, jewelers, photographers, and sculptors to exhibit this year, although about 250 apply every year to showcase their art and win cash prizes. Attendees enjoying the St. George A

A Much-Needed Grant for a Desert Hills Middle Teacher

  A Much-Needed Grant for a Desert Hills Middle Teacher Stephen Wade Auto Center is a proud sponsor of the Washington County School District Foundation grant program.  We visited Desert Hills Middle School on Wednesday, February 24, to award a grant to English teacher Laura Vanderslice, who applied for $437.70.  Mrs. Vanderslice will be using this grant to purchase materials such as books for her class.  Thank you for having us over! Those who do not work in education may not know that educators typically spend their own money on their respective classes.  While teachers are provided with necessary furniture such as desks and SMART boards, they often have to pay out-of-pocket for activity sheets, notebooks, and other materials to accompany their lesson plans.  These materials may even include costly supplies such as computer software.  About 94% of U.S. teachers spend their own money on school supplies, with an average spend of $479 per year.  Unfortunately, nine out of ten teacher

2/19 Shoot4Cash

  2/19 Shoot4Cash The Mustangs came to the court to try their hand (or should we say hooves?) at the Shoot4Cash halftime show! We held our fourth Shoot4Cash event at the Crimson Cliffs High School vs. Snow Canyon High School game on February 19th, where we gave away a total of  $1,250  to three Crimson Cliffs clubs.  We love supporting our St. George clubs and basketball teams!  Here is a recap of which Mustangs won money during the show: Cheer  – $500 Color Guard  – $250 Drill  –  $500 Watch Drill score $500 with no problem at all and  18 seconds to spare: Watch Cheer make their $500 half-court shot just as the buzzer went off: Watch as Color Guard earned $250 for their club: We can still feel the energy from the room!  We couldn't believe just how easy the Mustangs made the Shoot4Cash challenge look.  Dare we say it's as engaging as watching the actual basketball game?  This is the most money we have given in one night during this season.  So far we have awarded $3,500  this

2/12 Shoot4Cash

  2/12 Shoot4Cash It's time for the Warriors' stab at the Shoot4Cash challenge! We held our third Shoot4Cash event at the Snow Canyon High School vs. Dixie High School game on February 12th, where we gave away a total of  $600  to three clubs.  We love supporting our local clubs and basketball teams.  Here is a recap of which Snow Canyon clubs won money during the show: Girls' Basketball – $250 Cheer  – $250 Latinos in Action  –  $100 Watch as Girls' Basketball, Latinos in Action, and then Cheer took on our Shoot4Cash challenge: We can still feel the excitement!  It's always a nail-biter to watch how much each club can win.  Dare we say it's as engaging as watching the actual basketball game? Stay tuned for our next Shoot4Cash event on  February 19th  at Crimson Cliffs High School, where three Crimson Cliffs clubs will shoot for their own chance to win $500 each.  Can they beat what Pine View , Dixie , and Snow Canyon have won this season? Read about our previo

2021 Parade of Homes

  2021 Parade of Homes Stephen Wade Auto Center is at the 31st St. George Area Parade of Homes !   As always, we are proud to be a part of this event and happy to see it return in 2021 with attendees' safety in mind .  We were also a sponsor of the 2020 Parade of Homes, where there were thirty houses to commemorate thirty years of the event.  You can read about the 2020 event here . Whether taking a virtual tour of the homes or viewing them in-person, you will see a 2021 Mercedes-Benz GT AMG® GT 63—courtesy of Mercedes-Benz of St. George —in the garage of Home #27: The Resolute .  The AMG® GT 63 is a four-door coupe built on the foundation of incredible driving performance.   Like how builders have meticulously crafted the homes during this event, passionate Mercedes-AMG engineers created this vehicle with the utmost consideration and highest standard for their art.  Being placed in an AMG® is a matchless experience that other automakers cannot replicate. Now, on to the home pai