Week of 1/27 Shoot4Cash

Week of 1/27 Shoot4Cash

We had a blast doing our Shoot4Cash halftime shows this week!  We love supporting our local clubs and basketball teams.

1/28 Crimson Cliffs High School

Here is a recap of which clubs won money during the 1/28 Crimson Cliffs show:
  • CCHS Girls Golf – $500
  • CCHS Soccer – $250
  • CCHS Drill – $250
Watch the halftime show on Facebook or watch it here:

1/30 Pine View High School

Here is a recap of which clubs won money during the 1/30 Pine View show:
  • PVHS Track
  • PVHS Dance Company
  • PVHS Pit Crew

These clubs won a total of $1,250 and decided to donate their earnings to Gavin Moon, a child in our community who has a rare form of leukemia.

Watch the halftime show on Facebook or watch it here:

Shoot4Cash Event Dates

  • Jan 7th – Crimson Cliffs High School (CCHS) vs. Dixie High School (DHS)
    • Hosted at CCHS
  • Jan 9th – DHS vs. Snow Canyon High School (SCHS)
    • Hosted at DHS
  • Jan 14th – Desert Hills High School (DHHS) vs. CCHS
    • Hosted at DHHS
  • Jan 16th – Pine View High School (PVHS) vs. Canyon View High School
    • Hosted at PVHS
  • Jan 21st – DHS vs. DHHS
    • Hosted at DHS
  • Jan 28th – CCHS vs. PVHS
    • Hosted at CCHS
  • Jan 30th – PVHS vs. SCHS
    • Hosted at PVHS
  • Feb 4th – SCHS vs. DHS
    • Hosted at SCHS

What is Shoot4Cash?

Shoot4Cash is a halftime show held at local high school Boys' Basketball games.  Three participants have a chance to make as many as four progressively longer shots within a 30-second time limit to win a maximum of $500 toward the club they represent:  starting with a layup, then a free throw, followed by a 3-pointer, and, finally, a shot from the half-court line.


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