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2020 Shoot4Cash Wrap-Up

2020 Shoot4Cash Wrap-Up We had a blast doing our Shoot4Cash halftime shows this season!  We love supporting our local clubs and basketball teams.  Here is a quick wrap-up of 2020 Shoot4Cash. Awarding $1,700 to PVHS sports, clubs, and organizations 85  different clubs were represented across all five schools in Region 9.  $7,300 was distributed over nine events—making it our biggest Shoot4Cash event so far.  Here is the breakdown: Crimson Cliffs High School – $1,700 Clubs that benefited:   Girls Golf, Boys Soccer, Crimson Cheer, Crimson Drill, Dance Company Desert Hills High School – $1,400 Clubs that benefited:   Debate, Girls Swim, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Cheer Dixie High School – $2,000 Clubs that benefited:   Jetettes, Debate, Boys Tennis, Boys Soccer, Girls Basketball Pine View High School – $1,700 Clubs that benefited:   Track, Girls Basketball, Pit Crew, Dance Company Snow Canyon High School – $600 Clubs that benefited:   Lati

2020 Parade of Homes

2020 Chevrolet Silverado Badlander 2020 Parade of Homes Stephen Wade Auto Center  is at the 2020 St. George Area Parade of Homes !  This year, thirty extraordinary houses are on display to celebrate the event's 30th anniversary.  We are proud to be a part of it. We are at Home #4:  Deja View – featuring a 2020 Chevrolet Silverado Badlander from Stephen Wade Chevrolet Cadillac Home #11:  Family Ties – featuring a Mercedes-Benz S 450 from Mercedes.Benz of St. George Home #12:  The Woodlands Abode – featuring a lifted 2020 Toyota 4Runner from Stephen Wade Toyota Home #15:  Newport – featuring a 2020 Honda Passport from Stephen Wade Honda What is the Parade of Homes? [The Parade of Homes] event has a long-standing tradition of displaying a variety of spectacular homes and introducing exciting new trends to attendees across the state. The homes are set among breathtaking landscapes only found in Southern Utah.  – Parade of