2020 Shoot4Cash Wrap-Up

2020 Shoot4Cash Wrap-Up

We had a blast doing our Shoot4Cash halftime shows this season!  We love supporting our local clubs and basketball teams.  Here is a quick wrap-up of 2020 Shoot4Cash.

Awarding $1,700 to PVHS sports, clubs, and organizations

85 different clubs were represented across all five schools in Region 9.  $7,300 was distributed over nine events—making it our biggest Shoot4Cash event so far.  Here is the breakdown:
  • Crimson Cliffs High School – $1,700
    • Clubs that benefited:  Girls Golf, Boys Soccer, Crimson Cheer, Crimson Drill, Dance Company
  • Desert Hills High School – $1,400
    • Clubs that benefited:  Debate, Girls Swim, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Cheer
  • Dixie High School – $2,000
    • Clubs that benefited:  Jetettes, Debate, Boys Tennis, Boys Soccer, Girls Basketball
  • Pine View High School – $1,700
    • Clubs that benefited:  Track, Girls Basketball, Pit Crew, Dance Company
  • Snow Canyon High School – $600
    • Clubs that benefited:  Latinos in Action, Men's Football, Men's Soccer
Awarding $1,700 to CCHS sports, clubs, and organizations

We can't wait for Kick4Cash later this year for football season!  Thank you to our local schools for letting us have so much fun—and for being so fun.

Awarding $1,400 to DHHS sports, clubs, and organizations

Shoot4Cash Event Dates

  • Jan 7th – Crimson Cliffs High School (CCHS) vs. Dixie High School (DHS)
    • Hosted at CCHS
  • Jan 9th – DHS vs. Snow Canyon High School (SCHS)
    • Hosted at DHS
  • Jan 14th – Desert Hills High School (DHHS) vs. CCHS
    • Hosted at DHHS
  • Jan 16th – Pine View High School (PVHS) vs. Canyon View High School
    • Hosted at PVHS
  • Jan 21st – DHS vs. DHHS
    • Hosted at DHS
  • Jan 28th – CCHS vs. PVHS
    • Hosted at CCHS
  • Jan 30th – PVHS vs. SCHS
    • Hosted at PVHS
  • Feb 4th – SCHS vs. DHS
    • Hosted at SCHS
  • Feb 13th – DHHS vs. CCHS
    • Hosted at DHHS

What is Shoot4Cash?

Shoot4Cash is a halftime show held at local high school Boys' Basketball games.  Three participants have a chance to make as many as four progressively longer shots within a 30-second time limit to win a maximum of $500 toward the club they represent:  starting with a layup, then a free throw, followed by a 3-pointer, and, finally, a shot from the half-court line.


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