2020 Kick4Cash Kick-Off


2020 Kick4Cash Kick-Off

We are thrilled to announce that Kick4Cash is back for the upcoming football season!  We had an incredible time doing Shoot4Cash in the spring for Boys' Basketball, and we hope to continue giving back to our local high schools in this fun way.  The first event will be held on September 11 at the Desert Hills High School vs. Dixie High School game.

Follow our Facebook Page to watch the halftime show as it happens live.  We will also recap each event on this blog.

Kick4Cash Event Dates

  • Sep 11th – Desert Hills High School (DHHS) vs. Dixie High School (DHS)
    • Hosted at DHHS
  • Sep 18th – Crimson Cliffs High School (CHHS) vs. Hurricane High School (HHS)
    • Hosted at CHHS
  • Sep 25th – Snow Canyon High School (SCHS) vs. DHS
    • Hosted at SCHS
  • Oct 2nd – Pine View High School (PVHS) vs. SCHS
    • Hosted at PVHS
  • Oct 14th – DHHS vs. CHHS
    • Hosted at DHHS

What is Kick4Cash?

Kick4Cash is a halftime show held at local high school football games.   Three participants have a chance to win a maximum of $500 toward the club they represent.   $100 is earned with each successful kick over the goal post.  Kick4Cash is proudly sponsored by Stephen Wade Auto Center, KSL Cars, and Canyon Media.


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