1/29 Shoot4Cash

1/29 Shoot4Cash

Shoot4Cash is back!

We held our first Shoot4Cash event at the Pine View High School vs. Crimson Cliffs High School game on January 29th, where we gave away a total of $1,000.  We love supporting our local clubs and basketball teams.  Here is a recap of which Pine View clubs won money:

  • Track – $500
  • Boys' Soccer – $250
  • Band –  $250
Watch the excitement as the Track team won $500!

Aaand, last but not least, watch the Boys' Soccer and Band clubs score $250 each!

Stay tuned for our next Shoot4Cash event on February 10th at Dixie High School, where three Dixie clubs will shoot for their own chance to win $500 each.

Read our 2020 Shoot4Cash Wrap-Up here where we reflect on last year's basketball season and how much we gave away to clubs through Shoot4Cash.

Shoot4Cash Event Dates

  • Jan 29th – Pine View High School (PVHS) vs. Crimson Cliffs High School (CCHS)
    • Hosted at PVHS
  • Feb 10th – Dixie High School (DHS) vs. CCHS
    • Hosted at DHS
  • Feb 12th – Snow Canyon High School (SCHS) vs. DHS
    • Hosted at SCHS
  • Feb 19th – CCHS vs. SCHS
    • Hosted at CCHS
  • Feb 26th – Desert Hills High School (DHHS) vs. TBD
    • Hosted at DHHS

What is Shoot4Cash?

Shoot4Cash is a halftime show held at local high school Boys' Basketball games.  Three participants have a chance to make as many as four progressively longer shots within a 30-second time limit to win a maximum of $500 toward the club they represent:  starting with a layup ($50), then a free throw ($100), followed by a 3-pointer ($250), and, finally, a shot from the half-court line ($500).

For the 2021 season, the Shoot4Cash halftime show is sponsored by Goldenwest Credit Union and Canyon Media.  Thank you for making this possible and for helping us give back to our community!


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