A Much-Needed Grant for a Desert Hills Middle Teacher


A Much-Needed Grant for a Desert Hills Middle Teacher

Stephen Wade Auto Center is a proud sponsor of the Washington County School District Foundation grant program.  We visited Desert Hills Middle School on Wednesday, February 24, to award a grant to English teacher Laura Vanderslice, who applied for $437.70.  Mrs. Vanderslice will be using this grant to purchase materials such as books for her class.  Thank you for having us over!

Those who do not work in education may not know that educators typically spend their own money on their respective classes.  While teachers are provided with necessary furniture such as desks and SMART boards, they often have to pay out-of-pocket for activity sheets, notebooks, and other materials to accompany their lesson plans.  These materials may even include costly supplies such as computer software.  About 94% of U.S. teachers spend their own money on school supplies, with an average spend of $479 per year.  Unfortunately, nine out of ten teachers are not reimbursed for their purchases due to a lack of education funding.

Video Courtesy of Washington County School District

Washington County School District acknowledges this issue in our very own community.  At Stephen Wade Auto Center, we also believe that teachers shouldn't have to spend their own money on what they know is best for their class.  As a result, the Foundation created a grant program where teachers in the District may apply for a grant to use toward their classroom.  The Foundation's grant program is funded primarily through its annual golf tournament.  The tournament's sole responsibility is to raise funds for the teachers and students in Washington County—and play a good game of golf as well.  We attended the 2020 Washington County School District Foundation Golf Tournament in September last year at Ledges Golf Course.  The Foundation will hold this year's Foundation Golf Tournament on September 24, 2021.

Awarding Bloomington Elementary School Teachers

In 2021, the Washington County School District Foundation has awarded over $353,000 to local schools so far.  This year is also a special occasion for the Foundation:  not only is the organization celebrating its tenth anniversary, but it will award its millionth dollar this year.  We're happy to say we're a part of helping them reach this incredible milestone!  We also joined the Washington County School District Foundation earlier this year at Bloomington Elementary, where we, along with Paparazzi Accessories and Tom's Mechanical, awarded each teacher a $500 check.  Teachers at Bloomington were awarded $14,400 in total for their classrooms.

It's a small token of our thanks for all teachers do in our community.


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