2021 Shoot4Cash Wrap-Up


2021 Shoot4Cash Wrap-Up

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and, in this case, we mean Shoot4Cash.  Stephen Wade Auto Center had a fantastic time giving out cash to the clubs and organizations at our local high schools.  Here are some quick facts about this season:
  • 5 Shoot4Cash Events Held
  • 68 Participating/Engaging Clubs
  • 15 Clubs Benefitting from Kicking for Cash
  • $4,500 Awarded In Total
Awarding $650 to DHS sports, clubs, and organizations

We were happy that we were able to hold Shoot4Cash again this year.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there was a possibility that we might not have been able to have it return.  We knew that we still wanted to award money to the schools in our community in a fun way, but we were unsure how we would be able to do it this time since it was still uncertain how schools would follow health and safety guidelines for these events.  The Stephen Wade marketing team had even considered a different approach to Shoot4Cash, such as a virtual event or contest.

Awarding $1,000 to PVHS sports, clubs, and organizations

In coordination with the administration at each high school, we were able to hold the halftime show as usual, only asking that the respective club's designated Shoot4Cash participant would be able to join the basketball game's restricted audience as well.  We also hosted each Shoot4Cash show on Facebook Live on our Facebook Page, where those at home could enjoy it from afar.  The spirit of Shoot4Cash wasn't at all diminished.

Awarding $600 to SCHS sports, clubs, and organizations

There is always so much energy in every aspect of Shoot4Cash, from watching students fervently shout-out their clubs on social media to witnessing the participants give it their all.  Thank you to the school administrators for allowing us to be honorary Warriors, Panthers, Mustangs, Flyers, and Thunder.  Of course, thank you to the students for always making this an amazing experience!

Awarding $1,250 to CCHS sports, clubs, and organizations

We can't wait to be back in the fall for Kick4Cash during the football season.  We awarded an incredible $6,000 in 2020—can Washington County schools beat that this year?

Until next time!

What is Shoot4Cash?

Shoot4Cash is a halftime show held at Southern Utah high school Boys' Basketball games.  Three participants have a chance to make as many as four progressively longer shots within a 30-second time limit to win a maximum of $500 toward the club they represent:  starting with a layup ($50), then a free throw ($100), followed by a 3-pointer ($250), and, finally, a shot from the half-court line ($500).

For the 2021 season, the Shoot4Cash halftime show is sponsored by Goldenwest Credit Union and Canyon Media.  Thank you for making this possible and for helping us give back to our community!


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