We Love Supporting Our Community

We Love Supporting Our Community

Everyone knows it's the people that make southern Utah so great.  And here at Stephen Wade, we feel the same way.  We employ your friends and neighbors, which is why we feel strongly about contributing and giving back to you:  our friends and neighbors.  When you come into any of our dealerships, we hope to form a strong relationship with you and your family.  Building and maintaining relationships are important to us at Stephen Wade, and we value the trust you put in us to help find the right vehicle for you and your family.  That is why we are actively involved in our southern Utah community.  We form strategic alliances and create key relationships with organizations to make this community better.  We have a team dedicated to supporting philanthropic efforts that serve on committees and boards and review sponsorship opportunities with business partners.

Sponsoring the 42nd Art Festival

Our mission is to be actively involved in recreational sporting activities, art programs, school athletics, health care organizations, and service organizations.  We support local non-profit organizations such as the Doctor's Volunteer Clinic, Youth Futures, Switchpoint, and the Washington County School District Foundation. These organizations provide programs that offer life-changing assistance to residents.  

We currently partner with the City of St. George recreation department with various sporting events.  We sponsor all youth sports that help the city keep costs low for those who want to participate.  Each person that signs up for soccer, little league, football, volleyball, or softball will receive a shirt at no cost to the family.  Stephen Wade Auto Center knows how important recreational activities are, and often they turn into a family event for Moms, Dads, Grandmas, and Grandpas.  These relationships are important to the Stephen Wade family.  In addition to youth sports, we participate in the ever-popular Pickleball program.  Pickleball, the new phenomenon of St. George residents, is growing rapidly and has a snowball effect in the heat of the desert.  Pickleball is a great family-friendly sport that allows players to connect and build relationships.  The Stephen Wade dealerships sponsor the Pickleball program yearly.

Pickleball sponsorship at Little Valley Pickleball Complex

The Doctor's Volunteer Clinic provides much-needed health care to individuals that have fallen on hard times or do not have health insurance.  Doctors donate their time to provide dental, medical, and mental health services.  Stephen Wade Auto Center participates with their annual gala to provide monetary assistance to keep the clinic operating.  

Youth Futures is an organization that assists at-risk youth from ages 12-17.  They provide a safe temporary space for vulnerable or homeless children.  This much-needed program provides collaborative resources, respectful guidance, and diverse support to homeless, unaccompanied, runaway, and at-risk youth in Southern Utah.

Switchpoint is a homeless shelter operating in southern Utah since 2014 and has housed over 5,100 homeless men and women.  Switchpoint is a facility that provides shelter and much-needed resources to assist with finding housing, a job, and they provide tools on how to create stability in their lives.

Annual Wish Tree event that benefits at-risk youth

Washington County School District Foundation has an employee dedicated to assisting school counselors to help at-risk youth or homeless children.  "At-Risk" students are statistically more likely than others to fail academically because their basic needs are not met. These are students that may be hungry or do not have a bed to sleep in at night. They may need help medically, and their family cannot afford to take them to the doctor or dentist or not have adequate clothing and shoes.

Creating and developing relationships is our top priority at Stephen Wade. We hope you feel part of the Stephen Wade Family when you purchase a car at any of our dealerships.  Our team works tirelessly to assist service organizations, non-profit organizations, and recreational events that impact our residents.  We are actively involved with the Washington County School District, the Doctor's Volunteer Clinic, non-profit organizations, and recreational events. Stephen Wade Auto Center strives to give back to the community because it is the people in southern Utah that we genuinely care about.   


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